Waste metal shredding plant

In 2012, the company that manages waste disposal for the municipality of Rome, located in Pomezia, asked us to design a plant for shredding waste metal collected by the municipality.

The request came with the need to sort waste according to the type and size: ferrous and non-ferrous, small, medium or large.

A complex task since there are many waste processing stages. Therefore, the task required great technical knowledge and experience. CIF srl design engineers were not intimidated and promptly managed to design a waste sorting plant, whose core is indeed a grinding mill, where waste (already sorted in the previous stage by a rotary screen), is conveyed thanks to a conveyor belt system. The rotary screen, through the rotary motion of its axis and its inclination, ensures an additional degree of separation and classification of waste, according to the size.

The industrial magnet we placed above the mill had the obvious purpose of sorting the incoming material, separating ferrous and non-ferrous components.
The materials, once separated and sorted by material and size, could transit in an orderly fashion to their destination.

A true example of efficiency and customisation, which further proves the flexibility of CIF Carpenteria in addressing and solving specific customer requests.
The plant was installed successfully in Pomezia, generating, over the years, full customer satisfaction, to the extent of giving us the opportunity to further expand our range of collaborations, increasing the number of grinding plant functions through new applications.

Produzione di forni fusori - CIF Carpenteria

Plant for the automatic formation of billet bundles

In July 2013, a large foundry in Roncadelle, in the province of Brescia, asked us to design a plant that could automatically form bundles of billets (exiting the drawing line) and strap them, while maintaining the classic hexagonal structure.

Although we had never designed a similar plant, our technical department immediately got down to work to find an optimal solution and, within a few weeks, the request was processed at design level and was presented to the customer, gaining interest and immediate enthusiasm.

So, after the planning and definition briefing, fabrication of the fully automated bundle formation plant got underway. An ambitious and sophisticated design, fully integrated with an extensive use of electronics, capable of handling the various bundle formation methods according to various parameters, such as billet diameter and length.

When the production process was complete, it was time to install everything at the customer’s premises and thanks to our teams of specialised workers and electricians, work was completed quickly and in a functional manner.

In recent years, the customer, satisfied with the design, manufacturing and consultancy solutions offered by CIF srl established an ongoing collaborative relationship, commissioning 4 additional facilities for other drawing lines in the facility. Work that has allowed us to further refine our skills and experience in this specific area and develop with additional minor process improvements.

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