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Design and installation of a vibrating conveyor

In 2014, a large company in Bergamo asked us to create a vibrating conveyor, which would feed the pieces deposited on this conveyor channel towards an additional collection channel for further processing.

The customer needed to place the pieces on the vibrating conveyor using a “spider type” excavator and make them transit in the shortest possible time. However, for logistic and location-related issues, a common conveyor belt could not be used.

Bearing in mind the special construction needs expressed by the customer and the intended use of the plant (in constant contact with ferrous materials), our technical department designed a sturdy vibrating conveyor, built with special anti-wear steels, so that the constant contact with “aggressive” materials such as those being handled, would not make the machine wear out too easily.

While the second step of the design involved finding the optimal solution for transmitting the vibrations to the conveyor channel: in this regard, we consulted and collaborated with some industry specialists, in order to identify the best type of vibrating masses to be used, as well as the vibration dampers necessary to stabilise and support the bearing structure.

After running the required acceptance tests and identifying the necessary adjustments to be finalised, we the installed the unit at the customer’s premises, with full satisfaction, being commended for our clear problem-solving skills, and ensuring future collaborations for other plants.

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