CIF srl group has been operating for over fifty years in the field of INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURAL STEELWORK in the Brescia area.

Fully in line with the latest industry regulations (UNI EN 1090 EXC3-ISO 3834-ISO 9001), we also have the latest technology and know-how of the highest level, the result of experience gained in the field.

At CIF we offer a COMPLETE SERVICE: from design to installation. Indeed, our technical department is specialised in providing tailor-made solutions for customers, by assessing, on a case-by-case basis, the context, the installation environment, the operating conditions, the most suitable materials, etc.

We specialise in the design and construction of complete “turnkey” plants and machinery. We manufacture plants for foundries, for wire drawing machines, plants for waste treatment and handling, plants for steel mills and the steel industry, for transfer machines and for the construction industry, providing structural steelwork certified up to Execution Class 3, usually metal structures. We also have a brand new laser cutting system and a flame cutting system. We offer a truly complete service, which also includes an effective and accurate industrial plant maintenance service.


We are a company based on achieving customer satisfaction.

In name of this value, our manufacturing cycle is designed in a flexible manner to adapt to different specific needs, as required.

As a result, our products cannot be defined as “mass-produced”, but are actually genuine made-to-measure products.

Flexibility in every area, from design to manufacturing: a constant refinement process that leads us to find, for each customer, the best manufacturing approach, with a close eye on changing market conditions and positive results for the finished product, even in the event of urgent jobs.

At CIF we can build flexible machinery and industrial automation plants that are customised and even include oil hydraulic/hydraulic/electrical systems. Creativity in finding optimal and elegant solutions, as well as very thorough design, make CIF srl a reliable and safe partner for the design and prototyping of new industrial manufacturing systems.


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Obtained iso 9001:2008 certification


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