Staircase made in como for a 6-floor health centre

A big customer in Marcheno, specialising in complete custom services, commissioned an indoor 6-floor staircase for the Como branch of Synlab, the well-known group that provides services for outpatients. Naturally the staircase had to be made according to Standard UNI EN 1090-2, since it is a supporting structure requiring minimum Execution Class 3.

CIF Carpenteria is in possession of all the necessary certificates and skills, so it had no problems in taking action and beginning the design process immediately. Customised work, tailored to customer needs, involving installation of the staircase in a particularly restricted existing indoor space.

Each of the 6 floors of the staircase was therefore designed to best integrate with the surrounding environment, to reach high functional performance while making optimal use of the available space.

The installation work was definitely not easy, given the few square metres of leeway, but our trained staff was able to give life to a project that could be installed and handled without using forklifts or bridge cranes to transport the beams, resulting in feasible and efficient implementation.

After nearly a month after installation, with great satisfaction, we completed the challenge once again, finishing the job with corten-effect paintwork, which gives the assembly a vintage effect of great aesthetic value.

A project that gives us great satisfaction and that also made the end customer extremely happy.

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